The worlds most expensive coffee is made from the poo of the Civet cat also known as the Kopi Luwak.

imageYes you heard me:)

This little guy/girl loves the ripe purple coffee bean. The Kopi Luwak coffee gets its smooth, nutty, non acidic, 50% less caffeinated flavor from the partially digested process it incures as it travels down the digestive track and then ejected out the other end.


This gold mine of poo is then gathered washed and sold for $100/lb

I sampled this “Bucket List” coffee to discover its smooth taste.


The beauty of being educated is that it allows me the opportunity to become aware of the contrast in consuming this, no ordinary, “cup of joe.” In order to satisfy the demand and consistency of this sought after “cup of silk;” these animals are being captured.


2 thoughts on “Cat-poo-chino

  1. LMAO it does not made from or out of Cat poo it is made from the bean that is “fished out” of the poo. Just like one of the most expensive “Virgin Olive Oil” is made from olive seeds fished out of goat poo. Doesn’t it make you wonder what possessed people to think…”oh lets eat this” hahhaha BTW that coffee is amazing. I am going to have to try Casu marzu the next time I am in Italy. Wooohoooo magot infested cheese. ewwwwww yummmy


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