To Laugh at Yourself is a Great Resolution

I too, like Jennifer Lawrence, feel like my statute of limitations is up on embarrassing moments.

My New Years resolution is to laugh at myself.  I hereby give myself permission to let myself off the hook and enjoy those most embarrassing blunders.  So here we go…

I was at an airport terminal waiting to board my connecting flight. I went into a gift shop to buy a pack of gum.  At the counter, I noticed a basket of small envelopes. The sign read “$2.00 for live rattlesnake eggs.” While waiting for the store clerk to “ring me up,”  I picked up one the envelopes in the basket, and another one started to rattle. I jumped and threw the envelope back in the basket.  After I got the clerk’s attention, I leaned forward (thinking to myself, I am going to save someone from being rushed to the hospital) and whispered, “some of these are hatching, as I point to the basket.  I can’t believe you are allowed to sell these, I stammered.  Rattlesnakes are poisonous.” She giggled, grabbed one of the packages and said, “these are not real mam.”  She opened the enveloped to reveal two paperclips wound tightly by a rubber band.

Enjoy your New Year. Let yourself off the hook!