Trekking Mt. Rinjani


Volcano Mt. Rinjani  is one of the top trekking destinations in the world.
I was told by many it was one of the hardest treks they have ever done but so worth it. I knew it was going to be tough but I had no idea how tough. I was also told trekking the mountain this time of year was going to be even more challenging because the rainy season had just begun and they officially close the park Jan 1st for the season. How could I pass this up, it is a once in a life time opportunity? I said yes.
In my group, there were three trekkers, including myself, two porters, and one guide.


(I had so much respect for the Porters who were carrying up to 55lbs  of our food water and camping gear wearing either flip flops or going barefoot.)

Since I was the only turtle among the hares, I was left to trek alone. Two hours before the crest I ran into another group from Belgium. They became my support team. When I injured my knee, they wrapped it up and found me a walking stick.



(Photos of the trail.)

I reached the top and discovered my group had arrived two hours before me.
The next morning the sun came up, the banana pancakes were on the griddle, and the view was a slice of heaven.
After much oohing and ahhing it was time to begin our descent.

IMG_5179 (2).JPG

(A baby volcano at the crest of Mt. Rinjani)IMG_5215 (2)


(The view from the east side of Mt. Rinjani shows the Gilli Islands and in the distance you can see Mt. Agung Volcano)

Again, I was left to make my way down without my guide or my group.
On this trek I was asked countless times by other trekkers; where is your guide? I said he is with the rest of my group.

I found myself taking on the victim role and becoming frustrated and upset with him because I paid for his service and he was not there for me. Especially on the second day when my right knee gave out on me and because I was too slow I also lost out on lunch.

I share this with you because I had expectations of how this trekking experience was supposed to pan out. When those expectations were not satisfied, I created suffering upon myself.

Approximately halfway down we stopped to rest, and I got separated from the Belgium gang and was asked to join a mother-daughter team from Holland. The mother had injured both her knees. They shared their lunch with me, and we gimped along together, and then Mother Nature decided to pay us a call, in the form of a monsoon. It rained for the entire rest of our expedition.


(Our trail under water as we exited the park)IMG_5228.JPG

(The mother and daughter from Holland,their porters and myself. I asked the guide to stand under the hatch back of the SUV to take the picture so my camera would not get wet.)

This journey taught me several things:
-Silence is a golden teacher. It’s here where I find my strength.
-Each person who enters my life brings me a gift.
-My expectations of how I think life should unfold can cause pain and suffering.
-A source more powerful than myself is always with me. It’s up to me to keep my eyes and my heart open to the gifts that are always being offered to me. Sometimes I don’t have to pay for them.

Under The Influence

One day I was reading a Facebook post from my, friend and author, Pam Grout ( She suggested, to her reading audience, to try an experiment from her recently published book E-Cubed: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.  The experiment went like this…she and her daughter were in Chicago and decided to have some of her own experimental fun. That’s Pam, a day without fun would be like a day without, oh never mind there is no such thing. She had written a note, attached a $5.00 bill and taped the evidence various places as they meandered the streets of Chicago.

The note read. “The Universe is so abundant that I want to let you know that this is just one small sign of how much you are loved.”

I decided to emulate this experiment here in Indonesia. I translated the message in Indonesian Bahasa attaching them to Rupiah notes and went on my merry way. I did it very early in the morning because that is the only time when there are less than a gazillion people watching what I am doing. Well, that and I stick out like a sore thumb.

I had a overwhelming sense of gratitude wash over me whilst on my post-it -note adventure.

The gift of giving is magic to the soul. If you don’t believe me, try it.
Thank you, Pam, for the creative idea and giving me the opportunity to play with such a simple and yet profound concept.

How do I know when testing this hypothesis that it showed significant value?   My beaker of life is overflowing with abundance.

No Pushing or Shoving Required

Several weeks ago I met a woman from India. We had a great discussion on spirituality, specifically on death and dying. She said if we understood our purpose here on this earth we would not be afraid to die. She stated I read a book a few years back, and it changed my life. She inquired, have you ever read the Celestine Prophecy? I said, I have, but it was a few years ago. I decided if a woman who I have never met suggests that I read a book at this particular time and space maybe it’s worth picking up again.

I started looking for the book. A few people told me that I was not going to find the book here, I would need to order it online. Several weeks went by, and I still hadn’t found the book nor had I ordered it.

Yesterday I was invited to an Organic Fair. Yippee, I thought, I have been looking all over for something like this. There were vendors marketing Gluten free products, soaps, oils, yoga clothes and Kombucha. Yes even in Jakarta. Shame on me for thinking it wasn’t possible to land such riches. There were also workshops on sustainable living, cooking, music therapy and others. One of the workshops I attended was given by a Japenese Dr., who practices alternative medicine. His presentation was demonstrating a technique that assists individuals in bringing circulation of energy, fluids, oxygen and blood back into the neocortex. He explained a lack of these elements occur when we are under stress.

After his presentation, he announced he had a few books he was gifting people. He looked at me and said I have a few books on pregnancy, but I feel called to give you this one. He put it in my hand; I gasped, it’s the Celestine Prophecy!
(Thank God it was not a book on pregnancy)

I smile when I think of the journey this book made. It traveled all the way around the world to find its place in my hands. It started in India, traveled to Japan and then to Indonesia to be given to me, an American girl:)

I invite you to set your intentions and then allow the process to unfold. There is no pushing or shoving required, and it’s great entertainment.

Answering a Call

A month ago, in passing, my neighbor asked me what I do. I told him I am a Sign Language Interpreter and Yoga Instructor. This was all I shared with him about me. He said I know someone you might like to meet. He gave me the link to their website. I thanked him and thought, that was odd. He doesn’t even know me.

Later that day I opened the link and took one look at it and thought, well this is cool but this is so not me. This woman mostly devotes her time working with animals. I thought, why on earth would he think this is someone I might like to meet? As I navigated through the website, I discovered that she is an energy worker. Ok, so that part is cool. But I soon found myself shutting it down because this is not exactly the vision I have painted for myself. As the days went by the voice within me would not be silenced. You need to connect to her, it said. A week later I surrendered. I asked to befriend her on Facebook. She accepted. I messaged her. I said, I do not know why I am connecting with you because working with animals is not my “thing.” But, the voice within me has not stopped telling me to connect with you. So here I am connecting. She replied, cool. Maybe we should Skype. We scheduled a time. I discovered she was from Canada. She gives workshops all over the world teaching others how to release blocked energy in animals and humans who have experienced a traumatic event. This concept fascinated me. She said, and in January, I am conducting a workshop in Indonesia, how perfect. I said, well I am not available at that time. She said you didn’t travel half way around the world and me not be in Indonesia for us not to connect. That was it! She was right. From that moment on I had no doubt. I let go of how it was going to happen and trust this was meant to be. Again, I answered the call. (The last time I let go of resistance and answered a call was last April… check it out on my Blog entitled,  A Conscious Shift)

When setting a course for yourself it may not manifest how you intended. If you get a call and it doesn’t stop ringing, I suggest you pick it up. Your soul wants to talk to you. Are you picking up what I am laying down?

In January, I am heading to Sumatra to work with Elephants for a week. I have no idea where this is going to take me but I do know the Universe has something much bigger planned for me than I could ever imagine myself.

The key is in paying attention to the signs. Answer the call. Let go of the resistance and trust that you have a divine right to the abundance of the Universe.




It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superbike

Oh, how I wish I could capture via a snapshot or a video what I have spotted on my motorbike since I have been here.

Motorbikes are harnessed to endure just about anything and everything. Vending stations, two-wheeled trucks, buses, pulleys etc.


Its not uncommon to see up to a family of five on one bike.  An infant or toddler is often times sandwiched between the adults, one toddler in the back and one sitting on the tip of the seat, gripping the handle bars with their feet pressed up against the fiberglass chassis appearing to hold the two wheeled catering device together.  The tires squealing in harmony to The Beach Boys … Help me Rhonda. Help, help me Rhonda. Help me Rhonda yeah; Get’em off my bike

I noticed them carrying large marquees, propane tanks and picture frames. I have witnessed bike’s piled high with; fruit, flowers, leather shoes, panes of glass, toys, a vat of hot oil, blocks of ice etc.


I have observed the riders mostly wearing flip flops or sandals of some sort and some without shoes (that one takes more courage than I have) and women in dresses adorned in high heeled shoes riding their horse side saddle.

When I am driving my motorbike, I notice not too many are within proximity to me. I am sure they are flashing their lights in an attempt to warn oncoming traffic to stay away from the “Bule!!!” She is chewing gum.

Here is a piece of trivia…did you know that 95% of all Indonesians wear jackets in 80 to 90-degree heat.  Indonesians believe that wind touching their body is not healthy and can make you sick. I have tried to wear a jacket while riding my bike and by the time I reach my destination I look like Bikram Yoginni and the only thing that got stretched was my temperature. I have never seen and Indonesian sweat. Hmmmmm maybe they have little pocket Air-Conditioning units in their jackets.