Practice Being Proud of Who You Are


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Practice Being Proud of Who You Are.

Being a perfectionist is hard work. I rarely let myself be seen by the public not working or achieving.

As a perfectionist, I have to put “a day off” in my calendar, and when I do there have been many times I never honored that entry.
To a perfectionist, it’s a job not to be one. It means one more thing on my to do list!

Today I am dropping the wall. Today, I am letting you know I am not perfect, and I do make mistakes.
I am letting you see, I am doing the best I can.
There are many days I am in the kitchen
Preparing food that supports my body. But there are some days it pains me to say, I am toast!
I am tired of trying to be perfect.
But I wouldn’t want you to see that “I failed” at being perfect.

Growing up, and well into my 40’s, I couldn’t remember a time, “I can’t make a mistake” was not my mantra.
Although, it’s not as bad as it once was, I am still aware of its existence…

-I am still “finishing” my book
-There are days I would prefer laying in bed scrolling through Facebook then get up, and potentially make a mistake.
-This blog has taken me two hours to write.
-Trying to be perfect has prevented me from being silly and having fun.

But I keep chipping away at the wall of perfectionism. I am letting you see me be silly, and I am admitting it took me two hours to write this blog but it used to take me fours hours to write a 1 1/2 minute read, and I am also letting you see days where “I feel I am making a mistake by eating my emotions.”

I am not perfect!
I am doing the best I can.
And it’s ok!