Thank You Indonesia


Its a bitter sweet goodbye for now. Whether we meet again in this life time or the next. Thank you my friends.  I am heading back to my homeland in a week.  I am excited to reconnect with my family and friends back home. Indonesia you have been my home away from home. You fed me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, you cheered me on, you kept me safe, you rescued me, supported me, enlightened me, guided me and listened to me. We laughed and played, we expressed love and appreciation for our differences, we shared our dreams and desires for our future and most of all we shared respect for each other. I want to pay tribute to this archipelago of love. You opened my heart and opened your arms and the words THANK YOU can never truly express the gratitude I have for the gifts I am taking home.


It was an honor and a privilege to work along side this amazing young man.  Thank you Tobin


My confidant, friend, travel guide, Yin yoga teacher, and photographer. Thank you Audrey.

image image

Nurlifa and Siti my security guards.  Grace and the Gang From PetLove Clinic

My neighbor Emilia and family                   This little guys I met at a drive by wedding.


I taught these little guys some signs language at a small village school in Puncak

Thank you, Rudolf, Kiki, Stacy and all my other animal friends who taught me how to open my heart.






A Year of Saying “Yes”


A year of saying “Yes.”  This year has been one of the most challenging and life altering years of my life.
A friend said to me the other day, Trina you have done more in the short time you have been here then most expats do living here for 25 years. He was referring to emerging myself in the Indonesian culture. I would have to admit I have said yes more than I have said no.
I have been invited…

*to attend weddings whether invited or     uninvited.
* to become an audience member for the filming of a Japanese tea ceremony.
* to teach yoga to a group of senior citizens.
* to chaperone a group of kids on a bird watching tour.
* to film surgeries by a Javanese medicine man
* to hike an active volcano
* to demonstrate how to make latte art prior to the opening of a neighborhood coffe shop.
* to teach a group of Indonesian men how to play Slap Jack.
* to write a blog
*And to commit to telling my story by writing a book.
The common denominator between the 1st and the last invitation was the willingness to say”yes.”
It’s all been a part of my commitment this year to letting go of my fears.

Today is my birthday and I accepted an invitation to co-facilitate a two week detox program for Green Hill Holistic Healing Center in Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia.

Thank you Indonesia for inviting me into your home again and again and again.

I love you.

Jamu, The All Natural Apothecary of Indonesia

A day of learning how to nourish the body with Jamu medicine.

Jamu is a traditional medicine derived from natural ingredients like roots, bark, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruit, honey and sometimes eggs and milk are used depending on your ailment.

I have had it either warm or cold, bitter or sweet. Most of the time it’s sweet and you learn to either love it or hate it.


I could cure myself of any ailment with these Jamu concoctions. The basket was full of fried pastries filled with sugar, a gaurantee I would be back for more medicine.

Next, the dried herb market.


Look at the picture below. Can you guess the benefit of this herb?


This is a black chili, used for male stamina.  Place your orders now; there weren’t many left in the bin.

The final lesson for the day, learning how to give me a facial by grinding sticky rice and cinnamon to make a paste.


I tried to convince the instructor that the method of ingesting this paste would give my stomach lining a facial as well.


While we waited for the paste to dry, the instructor gave me one last treat.  Indonesian Jamu sex education 101.

She asked me to look at everything displayed in front of me, by looking at the packaging, could I describe their advantages.  Your turn.  Have fun!