It’s a Great Adventure

The event was created to bring talent, which was comprised of singers, dancers, models, and actors from all over the United States, to audition in front of national and international talent agents.

JLmar came to sing. It had been his dream to live his dream. He auditioned. His results as to whether he would make the next round would be posted later in the day.

The time had come for the jury’s selection to be posted. He stood alongside many other contestants frantically looking down the list for his number, a number assigned to contestants the day they arrived at the event. His number was not listed.

Several of his newly acquired friends asked why he wasn’t auditioning for modeling. He said he was not interested. I don’t want to model, I want to sing. We encouraged him to give it a go.

Some people are shown how to walk He walked as those he was made for the runway.

After his audition, a talent agent pulled him aside and hired him on the spot for Cosplay. Cosplay mixes marvel comic and fashion. He will walk the runway dressed up as a marvel comic.

He was thrilled to have his foot in the door. Would he have had the opportunity to step foot through the doorway if he was adamant that all he would do was sing?

Don’t be like a horse that is made to wear blinders. The only person who is making you wear the blinders is yourself. Take them off and allow yourself to see the world of possibilities available to you.

It’s not that your dream was never heard once you announced it to the Universe.
There are things that you are meant to learn on the road to achieving your dream. Trust the process.

It can be a “great adventure” if you are willing to take off your blinders.