Relax in the Knowing

I am visiting one of the many temples in Ubud and as I am leaving two little girls about the age of 10 or 11 were standing in the pathway. They looked to be nervously and anxiously awaiting something or someone.  Our eyes meet and it was like our souls connected immediately. Like a bond of trust magically manifested. They were smiling so brightly. They approached me and said “please can you take our picture?”  I said, sure! “Please come,” as the one little girl took my hand and guided me to the destination.   I am greeted by two other little girls all about the same age.  The one little girl who guided me to this special spot says please may I take a picture with you.  I said, with me?  The other little girl said, me too, ME TOO! If they could of jumped out of their skin with excitement they would of! The other two little girls snapped away. They graciously thank me and start to walk away.  I said wait,  I want a picture.

I showed them the sign for I love you and I asked them do you know what this means?  They jumped up and down extactically and gleefully announced, “METAL! ”  We all start laughing. I tried to explain what Sign Language was but I don’t think it translated well.  They knew as much English as I knew Balinese. I showed them the sign for metal, as in what rock bands do, and shook my head. Then I showed them how the thumb extends to change the meaning of the sign. They all started demonstrating.

We conjoin once more to share in our recently established bond and take yet another photo burst of pictures.

We said our goodbyes. I looked at the picture on my phone and I noticed the words “I Know” printed boldy on the little girl’s shirt.  I smiled and was once again reminded we all have an inner “knowing” that connects us to like energy.


3 thoughts on “Relax in the Knowing

  1. I love Bali! They are wonderful people! It looks like you are adapting very well to your new home, Trina. Lots of people would have difficulty with that, mainly because Indonesian culture seems on the surface to be so different from American culture. But as you are finding out, we humans are basically the same everywhere on this planet. I’m so proud of you for being so open & flexible.


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