Formally Invited, Playfully Accepted.

I formally was invited to an Indonesian wedding reception as opposed to crashing one as I wrote about in my blog entitled “The Sound of Music.”

I am not sure why I keep missing “The Wedding?” Maybe it’s a sign. Well here let me tell you what I do know about the reception;

If my family and I went, we would all wear the same color of clothes. Not everyone follows this tradition, but many do. Why might you ask?
That’s the thing you do, I was told.

There is a live band, but no one dances. Not even the bride and groom. What does everyone do you might ask? You eat and ogle at the bride and groom who stand for approximately four hours smiling, shaking hands and having their pictures taken with a long line of eager teams competing for the best group picture. I cannot imagine looking through all these pictures later and finding mine and saying who the heck is related to the “Bule”? The bride asks the groom. Did you invite her? The groom states, “NO.” Did you? The bride says, “I have no idea who she is.” The groom replies, she must be that Indonesian “Wedding Crasher.”

Did I mention there is no alcohol served at an Indonesian wedding reception? Why might you ask? Because Muslims do not drink alcohol.

What do they do instead? After we ate and had our pictures taken “The Bule” decides to convince her Muslim counter parts to do something out of the ordinary.




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