Day # 21. I Was Asked, What Are You Feeling?


Stepping outside of a routine brings a deeper awareness.

Today, I practiced yoga with the intent to focus on what I was feeling. I tried keeping my eyes closed so I could stay focused. Although, the instructor demonstrated several poses I have never done before, so I kept my eyes open long enough to get the instruction, and then turned closed them.

How ironic, he asked if we were feeling frustrated or mad. I guess, I was not the only one who was experiencing some frustration. I struggled just trying to get into the pose let alone hold it. 

He questioned,  “if you are feeling irritated, is this a familiar pattern that arises when you don’t get what you want?“

Our emotions contain valuable information if we are patient enough to embrace them.

Day # 10 It’s OK to Fall Out.


The beauty of falling out of a posture is you get to work on letting go of your pride.  When I have fallen out; I knocked over my neighbor who was beautifully poised in her posture,  I have done a backward summersault into the wall when trying to get into a yogi squat, and I almost took my instructor down with me while he was supporting me in a balancing posture.  Falling out may not look pretty and you may feel awkward, but when you go down, go down with the same amount of pride as you do when you successfully master a pose.  Have fun, laugh and enjoy your practice because this is what will bring you back to the mat. Not an emotional flogging.