Day # 11 There is Much More Going on Than What Meets the Eye.


My physical commitment to change is only half the prize. 

I am working towards something no one else can see but me. 

This 30-day challenge has created a ripple effect both emotionally, and mentally too.

Physically, I am feeling better, and by default, my mental and emotional attitude has shifted.  I am more present, and more calm, I also have less resistance, less restlessness, and I have more energy and desire to give to others. 

Day # 1 This is where I am.

You must take inventory of where you are, to know where you want to be.

If you wish to join me,  where are you?

As we age, its more important than ever before to get up and move the body.

If your work keeps your tushy in a chair, like mine, you will notice how achy, stiff and sore your body gets when you don’t incorporate movement in your daily routine.

The areas that are currently grabbing my attention are my shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.

Since our body works synergistically from head to toe, all movement will reap benefits, except the ones that cause you pain. Be mindful and don’t go where your body is not ready to go.

I am focusing on just a few postures for the purpose of monitoring change.  I have chosen some basic yoga poses, demonstrating that change doesn’t have to be complicated or extravagant. I am including one advance pose just to see if I can master it.

You can read my post on Dec. 31st.  (A New Resolution) explaining my challenge.