A Diagnosis of Change

I am not your enemy,
though you loath the thought of me.
I have awakened you to…

A sweeter love
a bluer sky
the forgotten song of a yellow finch

You experience life more fully with me.
I have heard you say you never wanted me in your life.
Yet, you now value my presence.
~ Cancer ~

Poem by Trina Schartz

To Laugh at Yourself is a Great Resolution

I too, like Jennifer Lawrence, feel like my statute of limitations is up on embarrassing moments.

My New Years resolution is to laugh at myself.  I hereby give myself permission to let myself off the hook and enjoy those most embarrassing blunders.  So here we go…

I was at an airport terminal waiting to board my connecting flight. I went into a gift shop to buy a pack of gum.  At the counter, I noticed a basket of small envelopes. The sign read “$2.00 for live rattlesnake eggs.” While waiting for the store clerk to “ring me up,”  I picked up one the envelopes in the basket, and another one started to rattle. I jumped and threw the envelope back in the basket.  After I got the clerk’s attention, I leaned forward (thinking to myself, I am going to save someone from being rushed to the hospital) and whispered, “some of these are hatching, as I point to the basket.  I can’t believe you are allowed to sell these, I stammered.  Rattlesnakes are poisonous.” She giggled, grabbed one of the packages and said, “these are not real mam.”  She opened the enveloped to reveal two paperclips wound tightly by a rubber band.

Enjoy your New Year. Let yourself off the hook!





Making a Difference, One Cup of Coffee at a Time.

When I owned my coffee shop, ONE of my ALL time favorite things to do was bring the community together, and it still is!
We connected people to people, and later discovered someone made a new friend.
Today, I had the beautiful opportunity to meet my friend Pam Grout from Kansas, and her friend Mary from Bradenton, Fl.
We met at this amazing coffee shop called Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Company, Bradenton, Fl.

They are a non-profit coffee shop and restaurant who choose to pay it forward.
All the coffee proceeds go to Rwanda, the food proceeds are used to keep operating the coffee shop and all the tips go back to the community.
You can gift food and a cup of coffee to others.
What a flippin’ awesome idea!!!
I LOVE people’s creative minds.