Asking Questions

IMG_7332While I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia,  I left for a workshop in Sumatra, and a bomb exploded in Jakarata.
When I came back to Jakarta from Sumatra, a volcano erupted in Sumatra.
I felt guilty in both experiences, wondering why I was spared, and other living beings were injured or killed.
While in Florida,  I lived through a hurricane, and again I questioned why I was spared from harm or death.

I have asked myself, WHY? Why am I here???

I realized, a part of my “I” is being chipped away each and every time. These situations are helping me to pull the  focus away from me, and my attachments, and more on the needs of others.

If we are never given the opportunity to ask questions, it will be impossible to expand our awareness.

Lessons in Non-verbal Communication and Touch


On our first visit to the sanctuary I was greeted by April. It was love at first site.

Learning how to stand in their magnificent presence and connect without touch.


feeding time

Observing Body Talk done through a surrogate


Quin wanted to connect and was very persistent  about it:) He would get close and then turn around and give us his back side. He was a great entertainer.

I loved watching how much they enjoyed bath time.


Our efforts to provide nutritional support for those soon to be giving birth.


The rewards of our efforts:)



Answering a Call

A month ago, in passing, my neighbor asked me what I do. I told him I am a Sign Language Interpreter and Yoga Instructor. This was all I shared with him about me. He said I know someone you might like to meet. He gave me the link to their website. I thanked him and thought, that was odd. He doesn’t even know me.

Later that day I opened the link and took one look at it and thought, well this is cool but this is so not me. This woman mostly devotes her time working with animals. I thought, why on earth would he think this is someone I might like to meet? As I navigated through the website, I discovered that she is an energy worker. Ok, so that part is cool. But I soon found myself shutting it down because this is not exactly the vision I have painted for myself. As the days went by the voice within me would not be silenced. You need to connect to her, it said. A week later I surrendered. I asked to befriend her on Facebook. She accepted. I messaged her. I said, I do not know why I am connecting with you because working with animals is not my “thing.” But, the voice within me has not stopped telling me to connect with you. So here I am connecting. She replied, cool. Maybe we should Skype. We scheduled a time. I discovered she was from Canada. She gives workshops all over the world teaching others how to release blocked energy in animals and humans who have experienced a traumatic event. This concept fascinated me. She said, and in January, I am conducting a workshop in Indonesia, how perfect. I said, well I am not available at that time. She said you didn’t travel half way around the world and me not be in Indonesia for us not to connect. That was it! She was right. From that moment on I had no doubt. I let go of how it was going to happen and trust this was meant to be. Again, I answered the call. (The last time I let go of resistance and answered a call was last April… check it out on my Blog entitled,  A Conscious Shift)

When setting a course for yourself it may not manifest how you intended. If you get a call and it doesn’t stop ringing, I suggest you pick it up. Your soul wants to talk to you. Are you picking up what I am laying down?

In January, I am heading to Sumatra to work with Elephants for a week. I have no idea where this is going to take me but I do know the Universe has something much bigger planned for me than I could ever imagine myself.

The key is in paying attention to the signs. Answer the call. Let go of the resistance and trust that you have a divine right to the abundance of the Universe.