Eid al-Adha

I have known about this holiday since I arrived in Indonesia, so its no surprise. The closer it gets the more I struggle. This evening the festival begins.
The energy of the city is shifting. I FEEL it!
Eid al-Adha is a Muslim religious holiday celebrated every year world wide.


It honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his first born son Ishmael in a test of devotion to Allah. Abraham ignores the temptations of the Devil to disobey, and is rewarded with a sacrificial lamb to slaughter rather than his son. Cows, Goats and Sheep, started appearing the beginning of last week in abandoned lots, used car lots (that switch from selling cars to housing animals), and mosque court yards in preparation for this religious holiday. After these animals have been sacrificed the meat is given to the poor.
As I have been traveling to and from my home everyday this past week I have seen these makeshift lots everywhere. Yesterday I stopped to pet one of these goats and stood there in tears.
I asked myself, how is this any different than what takes place in the states? We celebrate Thanksgiving much the same way. Many turkeys are gathered and sacrificed for this holiday. We also celebrate many other holidays gathered around a table where an animal was sacrificed. I have partaken in these holidays since I was born. I have also purchased and eaten the meat that was served during these social gatherings. I am still not a vegetarian.
So why am I struggling with this festival so much? Maybe because its hit closer to home, so to speak. I am now up close and personal. Its not like walking into a grocery store and seeing packaged meats on display. They bear no resemblance to the animal with 4 legs, eyes, nose, a mouth, ears and a soul that gave its life so that we may eat.
Believe me it makes a BIG difference.
Again I ask myself, what am I here to learn through this experience.
For me, it has truly opened my eyes and has helped me once again to not take beings, situations and things in my life for granted.
Each person who reads this will have there own interpretation.
We are humans…emotions will arise.
May your minds be open to receive your message.
I bless your journey.