If we grasp too tightly we just might leave a mark and the mark we leave behind may be more than just our fingerprints, it might be our freedom.

Grasping is a form of emotional masochism. The dictionary’s definition of emotional masochism says that I find some strange or subtle pleasure in the act. At the moment, I don’t feel a sense of “pleasure” in the process, well at least none that I recall as I ponder this definition. As I read a little further it says the act may involve a sense of familiarity or self-justification. Bingo! Now, this sounds familiar, ha. In hindsight, there has not been a time where I experienced lasting happiness while grasping at anything, in fact, it was just the opposite. Grasping only led to physical and emotional pain and yet I seem to be drawn to the payoff of this Bingo game of familiarity and or self-justification because I keep playing. Grasping resembles a vampire, it will eventually suck the life out of you.

Do you know how they catch monkey’s in other countries? They dig a hole and fill it with peanuts or a banana. The hole is big enough for a monkey to insert his empty hand but once he grabs the food he is unable to release his hand from the trap because he refuses to let go of his bonanza.

How often do we cling to things thinking it will be the one thing that will make us happy? If we let go of our grip we can enjoy what we have, our freedom to make a wiser decision. 

Today I get to practice not getting myself stuck in the trap of short term happiness. Wish me luck. I am trying not to justify why I feel the need to consume the entire bag of mini dark chocolate bars in the fridge when I already had one.

Oh What a Relief It Is.

Via Via Cafe is open to world travelers in 12 countries. Each one is different offering its own unique flair.

I visited Via Via in Yogjakarta in East Java.
The ambiance is open and inviting to every race, culture and belief system. Via Via is not just a cafe it was my home away from home.
Upon returning to my mother’s arms, I felt catered to; I was greeted with a smile and a kiss to my senses. I was offered an array of homemade breads and pastries with Gluten Free  options, as well as other culinary treats that would satisfy any intended or accidental tourist looking for their mommy.
Whatever your craving whether it be noshing, crashing, sightseeing, exercising, cooking, shopping, supporting local economies or the environment or just relaxing Via Via can cater to all your needs just like mommy.

I decided to partake in a variety of experiences Via Via had to offer.

In this post, I will elaborate on my bicycling excursion through a Javanese Village.


I did not know peanuts grew underground.


Making bricks out of mud.


” I Left My Heart in Indonesia”


The process of making Tempe

Harvesting rice

Lastly, no pictures but a tale of relief.
There are two things I never leave home without here in Indonesia, sanitary wipes and tissues.  Many bathrooms are lacking two things; toilet paper and a trash can. On this tour, I seem to be the only person who could not wait for four hours to relieve myself. My guide Uut kindly asked a woman if I could use her bathroom. Do you want to guess what was missing?
As I exited the bathroom, waiving my tissue, I ask my guide where is the trash can? She looked at me like this was a foreign concept. No pun intended. We were kindly escorted outside where I deposited my napkin in a bucket. I turned around and asked Uut if she would like to shake my hand. She started laughing and said are all Americans like you, and I said no there is just one of me. Americans, I am sure, are relieved to know that I excused them.

Rest assured I washed my hands before shaking her hand goodbye.