Day # 8 Monkey See, Monkey Do. NOT!



When I first started practicing yoga 14 years ago, needless to say, my ego guided my practice. I forced my way into and out of every posture because I wanted to prove I could. If everyone else was doing i.e. “Pigeon Pose” I should be able to.  This monkey won the prize, I torqued my knee, causing unnecessary injury.

Being an observer allows you the time to connect with your body and avoid injury.

If you have never taken a yoga class or if you are already a seasoned practitioner, I recommend taking an easy flow class where the flow is at a slower pace. Moving at a slower pace gives you time to feel more and respond appropriately to your body’s messages.

When you get a sense of what your body is trying to communicate, you have the knowledge to back off or modify a position that best meets your body’s physical structure.   A good instructor can assist you in making the proper adjustments.

Practicing observation will allow you to respect and honor your body’s unique design.

Don’t be a Monkey. Be yourself!







Observation From a Classroom

It is fascinating to watch these fledglings discover something new. I am mesmerized by their curiosity. An international setting lends itself to a new perspective for me. Everyone is standing on the ledge of discovery. It is a learning ground of reciprocity. The questions sail through the air like shuttle cocks. The answers from the instructor or another student cascade and shower like rain.  With mouths open wide like baby birds everyone is fed. Only to return with another cry for more information. The students take such pride in their education and the Instructors in their illumination.

Once again my naivete’ has taken a front row seat. The students here do not seem to air a sense of privilege. Respect for each other and other adults is not questioned or tested. There is a sense of appreciation for each other no matter, the color of their skin, their gender or level of knowledge. From my years of experience, being in the classroom as a student, an educator, an interpreter and an advocate I did not glean this perspective.

This experience has been breathtakingly enjoyable.