Day # 15 Give Your Being the Kiss of Gratitude

Today marks the half-way point.

If you too have set a new resolution for yourself, this is a reminder to give yourself kudos for sticking to your commitment thus far.

Its important to show yourself some lovin,’ or gratitude in the form of verbal affirmations, like, “Hey, I am proud of myself, I haven’t given up.”

I would not be where I am today without the decisions I have made to keep going, and neither would you.  What we have accomplished so far is no small feat. We have proven that we are more powerful than the tales we have told ourselves in the past.

If you ever feel like quitting, remember the 21,600 moments you have already dedicated to change, and tell yourself, “all I have to do is commit to another moment and then another. I have a proven track record of success.”


Day#2 I have to give up something?

33655D2C-B4DB-41E9-A354-4E2DAC563C6CI woke up this morning thinking of the New Resolution I set in motion, and realized my day was full.  Then I told myself, “something’s got to give.”

After meditation, I usually begin my work day by checking messages.  IPhone has this lovely new feature that sends you a message daily letting you know how much screen time you have used. Since I did not delete any extraneous messages, such as this one, from the day before, it graciously shared with me yet again, the time I devoted to starring at my screen.

Needless to say, I found the hour I will need everyday to commit to my resolution.

Change always requires a “letting go” of something that no longer serves you in order to make room for the very thing you want in your life that will be of significant value.


If you are just now tuning in, you can go back to read my post on Dec. 31st.  (A New Resolution) explaining my challenge.



A New Resolution



The new year always lends itself to new resolutions.

Starting Jan 1st, 2019. I will be sharing with you my 30 day challenge. 

This is an open invitation for you to choose something you wish to see change. 

I am choosing Yoga for 30 days straight . Normally I do yoga 2-3 times a week.

My intention for this challenge is to take my yoga practice to a deeper level.

When anything is done for 30 days consistently, the results can be seen both objectively and subjectively. 

I will concentrate on two aspects of my yoga practice; 1)consistently using breath to move me into, through, and out of each posture and  2) exercise acceptance and curiosity in each pose in any given moment.

In my practice I have noticed I hold my breath a lot and I judge myself in the postures. Funny thing is, this also happens in many other areas of my life. 

I will be journaling and sharing the effects of this practice both on and off the mat. 

When selecting a goal it must be doable, measurable and obtainable.  

-It must be something you want to do and not something someone else wants for you. 

-You will be able to identify, hear, see and feel when you reach your goal. 

-Doing 10 mins of something everyday is an easy goal and can lead to great improvements. 

An achievable goal motivates you to remain consistent.

By defining my goal I have increased the likelyhood of success. 

This commitment will not only improve my physical practice but I also predict will provide a ripple of healing in other areas of my life. I.e more patient and less judgement towards myself. 

I am excited to see what transformation will occur.

You are welcome to join me in selecting whatever you would like to set in motion to create change in your life. It can be anything! Change always permeates other facets of your life. The beauty is in the metamorphosis.