“Soon No More”


The fruit here is sweeter than I have ever tasted and the variety is amazing, but the Mango is my all time favorite fruit.
Living here I knew I could have it whenever I wanted. So I thought.

Call me naive but living in a tropical region I did not think it would have a season. The day I was told the Mango would “soon be no more,” I doubled my intake of Mango’s.

Every trip back to the fruit stand I picked up my beloved fruit, held it in the air and asked apprehensively, how much longer do I have? The merchant would reply, “soon no more.” I was told we were already two months past the normal life cycle of the mango, here in Jakarta, due to climate change.

My trips to the market became a buying frenzy. One Mango became two and two became three. I started freezing them, adding them to stir fried dishes, making mango smoothies and lassies. You name it, and Mango was in it. It was my desperate attempt to hold on.

Lo and Behold, the time had come. My next trip to the market I was assured the Mango was “no more.”

Have you ever noticed the magnitude and longing for something are amplified when it’s soon to be “no more?” Life sure is funny that way.