Where I Am From

I am from a place that no longer exists,

Where making mud pies, and throwing cow patties was what we did for fun,

Where fear wasn’t a factor, and love was innocent,

Where I didn’t ponder my actions, and boundaries were never honored,

Where back talking to my father rendered a smack across my mouth,

Where tag was played with rotten eggs, and my brother was the cargo added in the bed of a Tonka truck,

I am from a past where pickled pigs feet, and mountain oysters were a treat,

Where I questioned if I was worthy of attention,

Where seeing the ocean was like visiting another country,

Where my siblings and I made straw bale forts, and trod upon our neighbors field of wheat for a game of hide and seek

Where I enjoyed my mother’s laughter, and feeling the embrace of her hug, and

Where I never contemplated consequences or karma,

I am from a past that no longer exists.