The Rhythm is Going Get You


In the mornings, I open my window to the music of the outdoors. The music of the birds singing, the squirrels chattering, the cats meowing, the roosters crowing and often the rain tap dancing on my patio. I begin to smile. I am reminded that nature has its own radio frequency.

When I return home in the late afternoon or evening again, I will open the window and its as if by osmosis the radio frequency changed. I hear music from down the street or across the way, only I realize I don’t understand the lyrics. Sometimes it’s Indonesian, or French and sometimes it’s Indian or even the Muslim call to prayer. Since I don’t understand the language, I am drawn purely by the beauty of the rhythm. I feel myself start to relax and smile and glide across the room and break out in dance.

Try tuning into these frequencies occasionally and let nature and the natural flow of your energy play for you what you most need to hear.

I promise, “the rhythm will get you and make you either smile and or dance or both.

No Pushing or Shoving Required

Several weeks ago I met a woman from India. We had a great discussion on spirituality, specifically on death and dying. She said if we understood our purpose here on this earth we would not be afraid to die. She stated I read a book a few years back, and it changed my life. She inquired, have you ever read the Celestine Prophecy? I said, I have, but it was a few years ago. I decided if a woman who I have never met suggests that I read a book at this particular time and space maybe it’s worth picking up again.

I started looking for the book. A few people told me that I was not going to find the book here, I would need to order it online. Several weeks went by, and I still hadn’t found the book nor had I ordered it.

Yesterday I was invited to an Organic Fair. Yippee, I thought, I have been looking all over for something like this. There were vendors marketing Gluten free products, soaps, oils, yoga clothes and Kombucha. Yes even in Jakarta. Shame on me for thinking it wasn’t possible to land such riches. There were also workshops on sustainable living, cooking, music therapy and others. One of the workshops I attended was given by a Japenese Dr., who practices alternative medicine. His presentation was demonstrating a technique that assists individuals in bringing circulation of energy, fluids, oxygen and blood back into the neocortex. He explained a lack of these elements occur when we are under stress.

After his presentation, he announced he had a few books he was gifting people. He looked at me and said I have a few books on pregnancy, but I feel called to give you this one. He put it in my hand; I gasped, it’s the Celestine Prophecy!
(Thank God it was not a book on pregnancy)

I smile when I think of the journey this book made. It traveled all the way around the world to find its place in my hands. It started in India, traveled to Japan and then to Indonesia to be given to me, an American girl:)

I invite you to set your intentions and then allow the process to unfold. There is no pushing or shoving required, and it’s great entertainment.