Day # 30 A Healthy Relationship

Cheers                          Let’s Toast!

So this is what a healthy relationship looks like.

have run into each other on many occasions but I never welcomed you into my life to stay. 

Thank you, my friend. You have humbled me, supported my growth, made me more aware of what I am capable of, and you have helped me set the groundwork to build other healthy relationships.  Thank you for this clarity. 

Today is day 30.  

It may be the end of my initial commitment but it’s the beginning of a new friendship.

Welcome home.


Day # 24. Invite Your Superhero


When I was a kid,  I would dream I was a superhero. But when I committed to a goal for 30 days, I no longer have to dream. I am meeting my superhero.

We all have our own Superhero (our true self) living within us, a self that knows what we are truly capable of doing.

In the beginning of our commitment, we ask ourselves to show up.  That’s all it takes, everyday, just show up, and the superhero you dreamed of becoming, emerges.

This is how you meet your dream and reach your goal.



Day # 15 Give Your Being the Kiss of Gratitude

Today marks the half-way point.

If you too have set a new resolution for yourself, this is a reminder to give yourself kudos for sticking to your commitment thus far.

Its important to show yourself some lovin,’ or gratitude in the form of verbal affirmations, like, “Hey, I am proud of myself, I haven’t given up.”

I would not be where I am today without the decisions I have made to keep going, and neither would you.  What we have accomplished so far is no small feat. We have proven that we are more powerful than the tales we have told ourselves in the past.

If you ever feel like quitting, remember the 21,600 moments you have already dedicated to change, and tell yourself, “all I have to do is commit to another moment and then another. I have a proven track record of success.”


Day # 14 Keep Your Eye on The Prize


The prize I am referring to is the process you must undergo to reach your goal. We are often so focused on the destination that when the going gets tough we want to bail. 

The process is a moment to moment rededication to your goal. 

When you set a goal, you make a commitment to reach your goal. The word “commitment” can feel intimidating because we are afraid we might fail. 

There are days I feel overwhelmed when I think of the 30-day commitment I set in motion. But if I know I can rededicate at anytime, it reminds me I have a choice. I am not a victim of circumstance. 

Day # 12 Reverence


A Commitment to anything is not always easy. 

Commitment demands you exercise self-control.

It forces you to stretch outside your comfort zone, and compels you to relinquish old habits. 

It plants seeds of awareness. and sheds light on the areas of your life that are ready to grow.

Before I made a commitment to my 30-Day Challenge, I was filling in all the dead spaces with wishes and desires for change. Yet, wishes and desires didn’t create change, commitment to action did.  Action gives birth to transcendence.

Don’t take for granted the devotion you have given to your call to action.

You are where you are today because of a promise you made to yourself.

Give affectionate reverence to the one person who is showing up…YOU!


Day # 11 There is Much More Going on Than What Meets the Eye.


My physical commitment to change is only half the prize. 

I am working towards something no one else can see but me. 

This 30-day challenge has created a ripple effect both emotionally, and mentally too.

Physically, I am feeling better, and by default, my mental and emotional attitude has shifted.  I am more present, and more calm, I also have less resistance, less restlessness, and I have more energy and desire to give to others. 

Day # 7 Never Underestimate The Power of Your Commitment


I could have easily told myself that I will be too busy the next three days working, planning for an event, and pet sitting to follow through with my 30-day challenge.

Whatever you label as a distraction is only a perception

Have you ever noticed that when you TRULY commit to something, others will do what they can to support you, and some will even join you? 

The only thing that will break your commitment are the thoughts you tell yourself. 

Meet Daisy on the left who is taking a break between postures, and Lucky on the right, who is practicing Sphinx pose.

When I was done with my practice, I joined them in their practice, a walk with occasional leg lifts.