The Key Is To Be Willing

DFF80A32-F020-4073-B0DA-CEC84D140898It doesn’t matter if you are a coach, presenter, parent, sales rep, CEO, manager, nurse, writer, instructor, etc.  How many times have you questioned your ability to guide, lead or assist, and didn’t feel you were in the right frame of mind to do so? You are not perfect, but an important key to the gift you choose to share, even if you don’t feel like you are in the right frame of mind, is your willingness to follow where you ask others to go.  Learn to lean, step into someone else’s shoes, ask for help, be guided, disconnect from what doesn’t support you, become the observer, try something new, and step outside your comfort zone.  The fear of not being perfect gives rise to courage.  The courage to follow when you have been called to lead.


Let’s Play

I decided to play with energy once again and focus on attracting those with similar interests and practice trusting my intuition.
Here is what happened next.

The aroma of cinnamon, cardamon, cumin and coriander lured me into a small Indian restaurant. I noticed there were a few places left to sit. I ask a lady if I could take the seat directly across from her. She nodded and gestured for me to take a seat.
After the initial how do you do’s, I said instead of you telling me what you do I would like to guess. She said ok. I said you are or were a writer and a marketer of international goods. She raised her gaze from her plate smiled and replied as a matter of fact yes. She said she was from France, and I said I would have thought you were from Turkey. She asked, what made you think I was Turkish? I said, don’t know. She smiled and said well my husband is an American Turk. We looked at each other and chuckled. I told her I was experimenting with trusting my intuition and focusing on attracting others with similar energy. I shared with her that I have a blog, and my intent is to encourage others to challenge their fears and live outside their box. She said it is interesting that you say that.
I established a non-profit organization called Women on a Mission. She explained the mission of her non-profit is to encourage women who have a passion for adventure to experience life outside their comfort zone, traveling to places that push them to their limits. Each woman who chooses to participate in an adventure is required to raise funds for a worthy cause and support those less fortunate.
I had this BIG cheesy grin on my face and thought is this fun or what?
Check out her website:

Try playing with attracting the energy you want more of in your life and then share with me your experiences. I would love to hear!


To Be or Not to Be?

I was on my scooter and following my (trusted) Global Positioning System(GPS). NOT! It led me down a dead-end. When trying to navigate myself out of the predicament my GPS put me in I happened upon a woman who was standing in the street waiting for a GO Jeck. I said, do you speak English? And she said yes. I just about jumped off my scooter and gave her a big hug. I was already 2 hours into being lost at that point. You can imagine my excitement when I found this unexpected surprise! I said I have no idea where I am at. She said good luck getting out of here. that helped, I thought!  She said there is only one way in here and one way out. She showed me her digital map and insisted, “see.” This Go Jeck driver is even lost. He keeps driving into a dead-end. She said, so how long have you lived here? I humbly replied, a month. She said WOW! You are Brave.. She explained, I have been here 6 years and you could not pay me enough to be driving on my own. The traffic is crazy and finding your way around here is like well… And she looks at me and repeats, Wow your braver than I am.

I invite my neighbor over to my apartment for a visit. In the course of our conversation she commented WOW Trina you are so brave. You live in this apartment all by yourself and you travel alone. I don’t know how you do it. I could NEVER do that! I need someone in the house with me.

I don’t feel like I am being brave. When taking steps outside my comfort zone I feel more alive and in control of my life.

Yeah I am scared! You dang betcha!

But then I ask myself…

To Be or Not To Be?