Toxic Cleasning

Kemiri translated Candlenut, is toxic when ingested raw.
I was walking through the produce isle and found a package of these next to the raw ginger and other spices.  I google translated the Indonesian word and discovered it was a nut at least so I thought. I should of got clue from where it was perched. But I was hungry and it was healthy and I was excited to try a different kind of “nut.”
I began to chow down on this unexpected delight. They kinda look like a Macadamia nut in the package only a little bigger and they taste a little more bland. I probably had about 15 of them.
One and half hours later I started shaking, sweating and experiencing dizziness, stomach cramping and nauseous. OMG what did I do?????? I googled again “can I eat raw Candlenuts” … A tumultuous NO started ringing in my ears after I read the definition.
Well it’s a little late now I thought!  I immediately had a flashback of the movie “Into the Wild”
I was beyond SCARED!
Damnit is was all in fun until someone gets hurt!
Candlenuts are used in cooking.  It’s a spice. When cooked the toxicity dissipates.
Needless to say I got myself to the emergency room.
I am home now.  The gifts of these little treasures just keep showing up with frequent visits to the little girls room.
Seriously though I am so grateful. THANK GOD!!! This could of been so much worse.
I think I found the real NUT!

Muslim Call to Prayer

Muslims are called to prayer 5 times a day; sunrise, midday, afternoon, sunset and after nightfall. Each and every time a cleansing is to be preformed. They should not pray if they are not clean. It begins with a prayer in Arabic then specific parts of the body are cleansed. 1st the hands, mouth, nose, face, ears, arms, the top of the head, legs, feet and then concluded by a prayer.
There are places set a side for prayer; Mosques, shopping malls, offices parks or anywhere that is clean. Here in Jakarta, these call to prayers are announced on loud speakers sounding somewhat like a chant. These can be heard every where.

Once the call happens Muslims are to stop what ever they are doing and take the time to cleanse and pray. I was blessed to have the opportunity to video the cleansing and the prayer.

In prayer a women is to be covered. Otherwise her prayer is said not be valid. Hijabs are worn as a symbol of modesty and privacy.