Day # 13. Hocus Pocus I Have Focus


Balancing postures have always been my biggest challenge.  I used to get so frustrated.

In this posture, I wobbled just raising one foot off the ground. If I could successfully get past the wobble, I hurried through the forward bend, and landed in a yoga pose called “Balancing Stick.” I was lucky if I could hold this pose for one to two seconds.

Learning to apply focus with each move was the key to locating a sense of balance. Standing on two feet, raising both arms above the head, and behind the ears, then bending at the hips while raising one leg behind you, and keeping the standing leg Quadracept and abdomen engaged, and continually coming forward until both the arms and the leg are parallel with the ground. Viola! . Never breaking focus is the magic! I am now able to hold this pose a good 30 seconds.

Focus is the key to success, not only on the mat, but off the mat too.

Center your attention on focus and watch the magic unfold.






Day # 10 It’s OK to Fall Out.


The beauty of falling out of a posture is you get to work on letting go of your pride.  When I have fallen out; I knocked over my neighbor who was beautifully poised in her posture,  I have done a backward summersault into the wall when trying to get into a yogi squat, and I almost took my instructor down with me while he was supporting me in a balancing posture.  Falling out may not look pretty and you may feel awkward, but when you go down, go down with the same amount of pride as you do when you successfully master a pose.  Have fun, laugh and enjoy your practice because this is what will bring you back to the mat. Not an emotional flogging.