While hiking in the Coconino forest in Arizona, I ran into this stump displaying reminders of transition;

From something alive to now dead

From something that had a purpose to something that has lost its purpose.

From something that was once in one piece to something that now is broken.

From something that had perfect form to something where the form is now bent.

From something that was once clean, and shiny to something now dirty, and dingy.

We will never experience a time in our life when we are not in transition.  You would think we would be totally ok with it because we are experiencing change in every moment of everyday, and in every sense of the word.

Yet transition is the one thing most of us try to avoid because there is nothing familiar about it.

We are creatures of habit, and if it means stepping outside our comfort zone most of us will seize the idea; I am not good enough, smart enough or talented enough… to ask someone out on a date, travel to another country, take an art class, learn another language or to remove any other obstacle to living our passion.

To live our passion we must be willing to experience a transition.  A transition from living to exist to existing to live.  It means giving up the familiar and moving into the unfamiliar.  It means being open to possibilities instead of paralyzed by fear of the unknown.

Let change be the catalyst to living your passion not the fear that kept you from it.