Circle of Life



This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the circle of life.  I was invited by a volunteer for the Turtle Patrol Coastal Wildlife Club to watch a mother give birth to a clutch of 75 -150 eggs.  Manasota Key is a nesting ground for the Loggerhead Sea turtles.

From eggs, to hatchlings, to adults their lives are in danger of becoming extinct. The club helps to preserve their existence by making the public aware of their nesting sites.

By having this opportunity to witness such a miracle I was reminded just how precious life is.

My grandmother passed away this week.  Our family was planning a birthday party in November to celebrate her 100th birthday.  Upon her passing she gave me a gift. My daughter called me for the first time in 8 years, and we had a long and meaningful conversation.

Whether we live a moment, a week, a month, or 100 years; our life is always in danger of becoming extinct.

Take time to love and honor the miracle of your life, you are not guaranteed how long your circle will last.

“It’s the circle of life

And it moves us all

Through despair and hope

Through love and faith”



Let It Go


Have you ever sat on the sidelines watching others have fun, desperately wanting to partake but was afraid if you did, you would be told: “you’re not acting your age?”  I was often told growing up, “to act my age!” I do not blame my parents. They taught what they knew.  Although,  I carried this baggage with me into adulthood, proving no real purpose except to prevent me from fully living my life.  That was me, until 2 years ago.

My friend Kate was great at bursting out in song and dance.  I loved that about her.  One day Kate and I left the park after an afternoon of hiking.  Shortly after we left, it started to rain.  She pulled the car over and asked me to get out.  But it’s raining, I said. I gave her a gazillion reasons why getting out of the car was not something I wanted to do.  She grabbed my hands pulled me out of the car and said, “let’s dance.”  I couldn’t believe how much I resisted her invitation.  But I danced in the rain. The more she encouraged me the more I felt myself let go of the resistance and had fun.

To this day, I hold that memory dear to my heart. Something so simple, and yet, it made such a significant impact in my life.  It felt freeing to let go and enjoy dancing in the rain with someone who cared enough to help me release a shackle.

The mantra “act your age” still rings in my ear when I want to bring the child out in me to play. But I continue to practice letting go of that mantra, and when the opportunity presents itself,  I am reminded by that kind and gentle nudge, to dance in the rain.

Let it go, let it go                                                                                                                                  I Can’t hold it back anymore

Here’s to you, Kate.  THANK YOU!



Nobody Does it Better.

IMG_6690You truly are the best!

More often than not our remedy to being sick is to jump in the car and run to the Dr. without first asking, “What have I been doing to weaken my immune system?”

For the last two weeks, I have been dealing with an infection.

For as long as I can remember, my habit has been to worry. Funny thing is, almost 95% what I worry about never comes to fruition. Yet, I have given much of my time and energy to worrying.

Worry equals stress. Extended worrying equals chronic stress. Our body is not in favor of chronic stress. In fact, it rebels in the form of inflammation, tension and eventually illness or disease sets in.

Since I moved to Florida, I have done more medical interpreting in the last 6 months than I have done in 23 years.

Now I would like to totally blame my recent infection on the exposure to various medical settings. But I know I had a part to play in the weakening of my immune system i.e. worrying, making my body more susceptible.

Your body wants to be healthy. Getting to the root cause lessens the odds of recurring symptoms.

I am not saying not go see the Dr. and let him/her help you resolve the symptoms. But the Dr. is only providing a temporary “Band-aid.”

You can be the REAL hero here by addressing the root cause in an effort to maintain good health.

Nobody does it better.                                                                                                               Nobody does it half as good as you.                                                                                           Baby, you’re the best.

Make Someone Happy

IMG_6614So often we forget, without everyone doing their part, we would not be able to navigate through our life with the ease and grace in which we do.

I wondered how I could make a small difference in someone’s life.  Particularly, those lives who often go unnoticed.

One morning on my way to work I took the toll road.  Instead of just driving away after paying my toll, I collected the name from the nameplate and said, “Thank you, “Mary,” for all you do to make my life a little easier. I appreciate you.” When she stopped her robotic routine of taking, counting and exchanging money, she looked up at me wearing the most beautiful smile and said, “OH, THANK YOU.  No one has ever said that to me.”

Since that day, I have incorporated others, in my growing attempt not to take people for granted i.e. convenient store clerks, housekeeping staff, maintenance crews and “busboys.”

It doesn’t take make much to make a difference in someone else’s life.




Express Yourself Through Gratitude

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~  John F. Kennedy

Let your family know you love them…

and love those who show us unconditional love

Give back to your community

Show loving kindness

Enjoy and honor nature for it supports our existence

Take Care of the vessel you have been given


“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” ~ Eileen Caddy

Sweet Dreams are Made of This…


This last year I chose to focus on having a healthy relationship with God, myself, my children, my family, food, and money.

I began by asking myself if am I acting out of obligation, duty, guilt and or fear and if so, I practiced responding differently.

Two days ago my friend wanted me to agree with her perspective. I perceived her situation as unhealthy. Instead of me agreeing with her out of guilt for fear she would be mad at me, I let her have her feelings and let her know even though I disagreed with her situation, I still valued our friendship.

Last night I specifically dedicated my meditation towards the intention of having healthy relationships.

In my dream, I dreamt I ran over my glasses. I interpreted this to mean I destroyed the crutch of my outdated perception.

That morning I received a text from my friend that was honest and sincere, owning her intention for me to agree with her and requesting her need for space. It was so refreshing.

As I continue to open up to living a more healthy and balanced life, it is being reflected in my relationships.

#youhavejustarrived #author #yourlifeinbalance


Enjoy the Ride


Me and my employer.   See video link below.

I was moving to Florida and looking for employment connections in the Sarasota area. I was given a couple of leads by a friend of mine so I contacted the agencies. One agency was eager to talk with me but we were in the middle of playing a game of phone tag. I was also shopping for a vehicle and had not yet found one to my liking. I was currently living with my brother and he kindly offered me his truck if I needed to get around. All I had to do was ask for the keys.

The day the owner of the agency called me I did not have the keys to my brother’s truck. She asked if I could meet her at noon for a lunch/interview. Evergreen Cafe is really close to where you’re living. With confidence, I said sure I will meet you there. I hung up the phone and googled the address. This is great!  I can walk. It’s only one mile from my brother’s apartment. I planned to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to look over the menu so I could be totally present when she arrived.

I set out on foot, following Mapquest’s perfectly designed route to a RESIDENTIAL AREA?!  Not unless the Evergreen Cafe is located in someone’s back yard Mapquest has led me astray.  Whether or not I just tempted fate, it was time to let go of a perfectly designed plan of playing it cool.

I called her up. Hey, I laughed. Have you noticed I am not where you are? She chuckled, yes I have. I either typed a digit wrong into Mapquest or I misunderstood you. She said, no problem let me give you the address and I will stay on the phone with you until you get here. I coughed up my dilemma, I am on foot. She questioned, you are? She gave up our table reservation and announced, I will come get you. Back at the restaurant, we had a great conversation and she seemed to enjoy interviewing me as much as I enjoyed interviewing her. She claimed, I think we would make a great team, I agree, I smiled. I sign the employment contract and we laughed at the synchronicity of life’s encounters.

Back at the restaurant, we had a great conversation and she seemed to enjoy interviewing me as much as I enjoyed interviewing her. She claimed, I think we will make a great team, I smiled and we shook hands.  As she drove me back to the apartment we laughed at the synchronicity of life’s encounters.

The moral of the story, let go and enjoy the ride.

Life is meant to have enjoy.

Let My Spirit Carry Me

A Night With a Mosquito

Why am I here?
What is mine to do?
I have been told that in the silence I will find my way.
For me the silence is peace and chaos.
It takes me everywhere and no where.
I find my way and yet I am lost in the expansiveness of it’s vast abyss.
Who am I?
I feel I have everything
And yet I have nothing.                                                                                                                                 It seems as though I do not have anything to offer.

Why am I here?
What is mine to do?

My friend Shar Dewkinandan from Amsterdam reminded me of an African Proverb.

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.

Come I say, let us make a difference and leave our mark on humanity.