Where am I?

3417B004-35E8-41A9-B30D-C187D89F62A9There are a plethora of bumper stickers that give your mind permission to be somewhere else.  In this current state, we are asked to “stay home.”

I will be the first to admit that being where I am has been a challenging order.  Now that I think about it, this is not a new conundrum.  I remember a day having a fun-filled agenda.

  1. going to an art walk
  2. attending a Yoga class
  3. taking a bike ride
  4. visiting a friend
  5. going to a concert

Yet, while being involved in one activity, I already anticipated the arrival of the next one.  My mind was never fully present. I couldn’t figure out why, if all my activities were ones I enjoyed, what was causing my mind to want to be somewhere else?  hmm?

Now, having no work to go to, and no events planned outside the home, I still jump ahead, dreaming of what I will be doing when I am no longer sequestered at home. Why am I so restless?  Will my mind ever be content, not if I always yearn to be somewhere else.  So what is wrong with where I am;  good, bad, or indifferent?  At least now I have one less obstacle in my way of discovering this riddle,  set aside for me by the government.  Who would have thought my intervention would have been invoked by the government, go figure.

#wisdom #governmentshutdown #discover #riddles #ourcurrentstate #intervention #beherenow #bumperstickerwisdom #stayhome


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