Day # 29 Revel In The Transformation (part 2) The Ripple Effect of Change


Before I began this 30-Day Commitment, I would not have let you see what I cannot not do or what I have not yet achieved.  I was afraid of being viewed as not good enough. 

I had to surrender to the idea that I am right where I am suppose to be, and there are also some things my body might not physically be able to do. 

Change takes time, patience, courage, perseverance, acceptance  and honor. 

During my 30-day yoga challenge,  I have learned to honor where I am. I’ve exercised courage to accept the present moment. Because of my courage, I am able to show up, and as a result, my level of commitment is increasing.

The key is to remind myself, the only moment I am required to be present for, is this one.



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