Asking Questions

IMG_7332While I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia,  I left for a workshop in Sumatra, and a bomb exploded in Jakarata.
When I came back to Jakarta from Sumatra, a volcano erupted in Sumatra.
I felt guilty in both experiences, wondering why I was spared, and other living beings were injured or killed.
While in Florida,  I lived through a hurricane, and again I questioned why I was spared from harm or death.

I have asked myself, WHY? Why am I here???

I realized, a part of my “I” is being chipped away each and every time. These situations are helping me to pull the  focus away from me, and my attachments, and more on the needs of others.

If we are never given the opportunity to ask questions, it will be impossible to expand our awareness.

2 thoughts on “Asking Questions

  1. I did disaster relief after Andrew hit Miami, and I have a photo of one of the hugest acts of generosity I have ever seen. There was a young couple with a baby we met standing in front of their roofless and decimated house who insisted on giving us canned food and diapers to give to others who were worse off. They were grateful they still had a usable car and could resupply themselves. I took their photo, and I have it framed to remind me of what true selflessness looks like.


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