Eat Simply So That You May Simply Live

The point of living simply is to calm you down, not stress you out. Yet, I have noticed for many people it does the exact opposite.
“Eating simply” from home has become an oxymoron. People think if their food is not dripping with fat, soaked in dairy, and wrapped in gluten it will taste disgusting.
Let me ask you this, how would you know what it tastes like if it’s buried?
I remember the first time someone told me that taking a shower outside was the best thing ever. I thought they were smokin’ crack! Me outside, with no clothes on, in front of God and everyone? Yeah, NO!
Guess what? I had a whole new realization. I felt great being bathed by the suns natural rays and a cool breeze to dry me off.  It also felt liberating.
Until you discover the flavor of your food unwrapped, only then can you wrap your senses around the simplicity of food in the raw.
Then if you want to spice it up, eat your food naked.

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