The Gift of Change

Emilia and I are on our way to visit her friend Uti one more time before I leave. We had discussed the night before about taking my motorbike, and we are now ready to depart, and she is trying to change my mind. Emilia wants to take her car, but the traffic is heavy. I say to her it’s only a 20-minute ride on my bike, but it will be an hour ride in your car, I could tell she was apprehensive about riding the bike as she stammers, Uti’s house is far, it’s 5 miles.

Emilia shares with me, “before I left my house this morning, I said to God, I maybe die today.” I looked at her as if modeling for Monet and screamed; you actually put that in the air? We cannot go for a ride with that energy looming over our heads like “Pig Pen’s” fog. You pray five times a day and have invested far more than I. Can you borrow from your investment and stop putting that dark energy in the air, I bargained?

She says Trina; I am so hot. I said, Emilia, I understand you are wearing four layers of clothes. She says to me I don’t want anyone to see my legs. I said, trust me, no will find them. She is wearing a hijab, a long sleeve shirt, a skirt, tights and toe socks. I am wearing a T-shirt and thin pants, and I am dying of heat. I am worried she is going to lose consciousness on the back of my bike, and I will loose my precious cargo.


Emilia will admit that fears sometimes get the best of her. I don’t know why she conceded to challenge her fear at this moment, but she did, and we mounted my steed and off we went.

Five minutes into the ride I ask Emilia are you ok back there. She leans forward and shouts hey if you get tired I will drive. We both are laughing now. I said, are you having fun? She shouts, Trina; I feel so free, and I am enjoying my adventure with you.

We arrived at Uti’s house safe and sound. Emilia runs to the front door, and we are greeted by Uti and her family. Emilia is jumping up and down like she won the lottery. She looks at me and says they cannot believe we came on a bike.

When it is time for us to head back home, I hear thunder and lightning. I said we will have to wait. She looks at me with a smile and says I don’t care it will be fun, and it’s our last adventure. I have now discovered the reason behind why she conceded to ride.

I told her how much I respected her willingness to exercise her courage and ride the bike. I asked her if she will continue to ride a bike after I am gone and she said, maybe Trina, you have changed me. I looked at her and said we have changed each other, my friend, “you have opened my heart to a culture different than my own.”


One thought on “The Gift of Change

  1. What a FANTASTIC experience you have had this past year! And you have made the most of it! Good for you, Trina!


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