Jamu, The All Natural Apothecary of Indonesia

A day of learning how to nourish the body with Jamu medicine.

Jamu is a traditional medicine derived from natural ingredients like roots, bark, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruit, honey and sometimes eggs and milk are used depending on your ailment.

I have had it either warm or cold, bitter or sweet. Most of the time it’s sweet and you learn to either love it or hate it.


I could cure myself of any ailment with these Jamu concoctions. The basket was full of fried pastries filled with sugar, a gaurantee I would be back for more medicine.

Next, the dried herb market.


Look at the picture below. Can you guess the benefit of this herb?


This is a black chili, used for male stamina.  Place your orders now; there weren’t many left in the bin.

The final lesson for the day, learning how to give me a facial by grinding sticky rice and cinnamon to make a paste.


I tried to convince the instructor that the method of ingesting this paste would give my stomach lining a facial as well.


While we waited for the paste to dry, the instructor gave me one last treat.  Indonesian Jamu sex education 101.

She asked me to look at everything displayed in front of me, by looking at the packaging, could I describe their advantages.  Your turn.  Have fun!





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