It’s Raining Fruition


Three months ago I chose to focus my attention on my intention to inspire others on a much bigger scale as a motivational and inspirational speaker. I have asked the Universe/God to show me the way.

As my contract here comes to a close, I have left myself open to my inner guidance. It doesn’t mean that I just sit idly by and do nothing.
I have a passion for assisting others in connecting with their higher self. What I most needed to learn has manifested itself in my coaching with others. The practice of “letting go.” Have you ever noticed that a desire for something often comes with attachment? How do we practice non-attachment? As a human, I know this sounds like an oxymoron. How can one have a desire or passion for something without attachment? Passion without attachment is a moment by moment process. I believe, first and most importantly is to be true to myself. I set the stage, let go, trust and allow the Universe/God to direct “my play,” this keeps me in the present moment. If we become attached, we can find ourselves skipping our way to the future and worrying about what we have no control over. I cannot speak for you, but I know how well this has worked for me.
Let me share with you what has transpired for me in the past week. I had some time off and took a mini vacation to Yogyakarta. You can read more about this travel adventure in my previous blog posts; “Oh What a Relief it is,” “A Pilgrimage.”

I met the owners of Via Via Cafe in Yogyakarta. During our conversation, they shared with me that their friend from the States is working on her internship with an NGO in Jakarta, advocating for women and teenage girls’ rights and suggested I meet with her.

As if the Universe said, Hey Trina just in case you missed my message the first time let me tap you on the shoulder again.

I was in the airport waiting to board the plane back to Jakarta. While everyone is converging to board the plane, I come face to face with a woman, and instantaneously we start conversing. I asked her what she did for a living. She shared with me she is a fashion designer and has been invited to come to South Africa and design a wedding dress for a friend of hers. She continued to confide in me that she just started her own business as a designer and is wanting to expand what she does to include teaching women that beauty is not just on the surface but, the true essence of our beauty lies within. I smiled. She said what do you do? I explained, I teach people how to connect to their higher self. I give presentations and workshops on how to challenge our fears and live the truth that lies within all of us. She said OMG, we so need to share contact information! She said I don’t want just to share this message here in Indonesia I want to do this all over the world. We both smiled and traded phone numbers.

Again, I am attending a study group and another woman shares with me that she is into living healthy and wants to inspires others to do the same. She says that so many people in developing countries don’t have access to this kind of education and asking how we could work together. Again I am reminded I am on the right path and the “Powers that Be” are raining down on me.

I remember when I applied for my current position in Indonesia. I applied and let go. I had no expectations because I thought if I was accepted it was meant to be. I connected with the energy of my higher self. I set my stage. All I needed to do is get out-of-the-way. Everything is in Devine order, and all my desires will come to fruition and support my soul’s journey when the time and the situation are right.


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