A Pilgrimage

Before I leave Indonesia, I was told I must visit the oldest Buddhist temple in Indonesia.

Built in the 9th Century, Borobudur Temple in Central Java is the largest Buddist temple in the world. This majestic temple took over 80 years to construct, spans 1,300 square feet and rises to a height of 115 ft. It draws visitors from all over the world including myself.

Located approximately one hour from Yogyakrata by motorbike, seemingly my favorite way to travel in Indonesia, I decided to hire a guide who picked me up from my Losmen (guest house) at 3:30 am. In the wee hours of the morning, it was hauntingly peaceful as we meandered through the narrow tree lined roads acting as corridors to the open countryside. As we neared our destination, a silhouette of Palm trees looks as if they are standing guard of this mighty masterpiece. Mist gently blankets the entire area.


I began to ascend the temple stairs and upon reaching one of three platforms I stood in silence and bathed in the temple’s energy. I graciously waited to catch a glimpse of the Holy Grail of enlightenment as the sun kissed the temple steps; signifying that my journey of enlightenment is a pilgrimage.





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