Body Talk

I received the honor and privilege to work alongside Dr. Andita Septiandini, Wild Life Veterinarian. Dr. Andita performed a leg amputation on a spotted deer at the United Nations Peace Keeping Center in Bogor, Indonesia. She asked me to accompany her on the follow-up visit to preform a method called Body Talk on the deer while she performed the check up and any other necessary medical procedures. Dr. Andita and I had studied Body Talk together with Practitioner and Senior International Body Talk Instructor, Loesje Jacobs in Bogor last month.

Body Talk:


After traveling from Go-jeck to train, we were greeted by a member of the UN in a military vehicle and taken to the Training Center. Then we were escorted on foot to the wooded area where the deer was kept. While traipsing through the tall grass in sandals, she informs me oh, by the way, there are Cobras in this natural habitat. I stammered, oh so now you decide to say something? I whispered, what should I do if I see one? She nonchalantly said, don’t look at it and don’t move. Well, at least if I am attacked, I am in good hands I said assuredly. She chuckled, sorry Trina I am only here for the deer. You’re on your own! Go figure; I didn’t ask enough questions before I decided to say yes to this adventure. Luckily no Cobras were spotted although secretly I was wishing we did see one. I wanted to test my skills at not screaming, running or defecating.

Upon our arrival, we discovered that the deer was in a less than a favorable condition. All of Dr. Andita’s previous medical care had been compromised due to the condition of the environment.

She said this was a special deer. Wildlife, if depressed, will kill themselves. He was continuously eating , and this was a sign he wanted to live.


Dr. Andita stated even though her medical attention was necessary; if it weren’t for the body talk sessions we were providing this deer would most likely not survive.

image image

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