Mysteries of Indonesia

I often ask myself why…

*In the middle of a traffic jam, the guy on the scooter behind me continually honks at me to move. I have one of two options; to drive into a coverless manhole on the left or run over the mother with a child on her scooter on the right.
*While shopping for apparel the store clerk says, “that looks so pretty on you.” It doesn’t seem to matter the long sleeve shirt ends at my elbows, or I can’t zip my pants.
*If I ask for directions, I will end up south of “more lost.”
*A person can smoke where ever he/she wants, but it’s prohibited to pee behind a tree. They have decorated holes on the ground for that.
*There are more designated Muslim prayer rooms than stray cats. To give you some idea how many stray cats there are, it rains cats and fried rice. *You pay more for a “pretty” phone number. Before making the decision to purchase my ordinary number, I should have asked if having an appealing number would change the nature of my incoming calls.                                                 *Going out to eat you order what you like and you like what you get. There are no substitutions. But, I say what if I want onions in my omelette instead of tomatoes. The bewildered waitress looks at me, smiles, shakes her head no as if to say I am sorry the ingredients on the box says tomatoes. *Indonesians always smile. ALWAYS!
Maybe it’s because they have never seen a Caucasian, who cannot zip her pants.


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