Let me Introduce You to Faith…

Before I moved to Indonesia I asked to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, living in Indonesia would change my life forever. I also know that we don’t always get to choose how growth presents itself. Although the gift of growth my granddaughter shared showed up nicely wrapped with a bow, a smile and a hug. Her gifts of courage, compassion, strength and love, even after her death, keeps on giving. This blog is a tribute to my granddaughter’s gifts. Thank you, Faith. I love you the whole sky.

4 thoughts on “Let me Introduce You to Faith…

  1. Was really good to see you Trina. Thankful you had a safe journey back to Indonesia. Everything about Faith is Godly. She brought so much joy, determination, strength and smiles to everyone she touch even those she didn’t physically touch. I can only pray I become half the person Faith was in her short 5 years on this earth. She is a blessing and inspiration to all of us. Love, hugs and prayers.


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