A Seduction of the Senses

Take my hand and let’s take a stroll. I would like to introduce you to Little India, a vibrant historic district, located east of the Singapore river, where history and culture remain as if time stood still.

Say hello to Thivva, who is studying to become a chef. She shared with me her favorite dish of Paper Dosai, an extra-crisp fermented rice crepe served with three vegetables, yogurt, coconut chutney, and sambar, a tangy vegetable-and-lentil stew. If the sound of this doesn’t appeal to you, close your eyes, take a deep breath and you’ll immediately be seduced into ordering a plate of whatever is on the menu.

image image

The flower stalls display an array of flower garlands artistically created by talented vendors who braid and sell these garlands daily to adorn altars of worship. I made the mistake of trying to smell the flowers, a BIG NO NO as these flowers are to remain pure when laid upon altars. The only person allowed to steal their virginity are the vendors.


Fresh markets have everything from fragrant spices, fresh cuts of meats and fish, a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, and incenses. Banana leaves are used to encase rice, fruit and or meat and then baked or steamed. My favorite is coconut infused rice wrapped in Banana leaves. Trust me, your taste buds will jump for joy when these succulent flavors roll around on the bed of your palette.


Indian music echos throughout the market. I was able to capture a sampling of it while standing in front of this vegetable stall.

I love, love, did I say I love, the clothes. Sari’s vibrant hues cascade the market’s walls and clothing racks each beckoning for your eye’s attention. You can adorn yourself with an array of golden bangles and necklaces and top it all off with a Bindi to give yourself the perfect icing to your well-decorated cake.


Now let’s make our way to a Hindu temple.  There is a vortex of healing energy swirling around in the temple. The perfect place to address any over indulgences mentioned above while strolling through Little India.








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