It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superbike

Oh, how I wish I could capture via a snapshot or a video what I have spotted on my motorbike since I have been here.

Motorbikes are harnessed to endure just about anything and everything. Vending stations, two-wheeled trucks, buses, pulleys etc.


Its not uncommon to see up to a family of five on one bike.  An infant or toddler is often times sandwiched between the adults, one toddler in the back and one sitting on the tip of the seat, gripping the handle bars with their feet pressed up against the fiberglass chassis appearing to hold the two wheeled catering device together.  The tires squealing in harmony to The Beach Boys … Help me Rhonda. Help, help me Rhonda. Help me Rhonda yeah; Get’em off my bike

I noticed them carrying large marquees, propane tanks and picture frames. I have witnessed bike’s piled high with; fruit, flowers, leather shoes, panes of glass, toys, a vat of hot oil, blocks of ice etc.


I have observed the riders mostly wearing flip flops or sandals of some sort and some without shoes (that one takes more courage than I have) and women in dresses adorned in high heeled shoes riding their horse side saddle.

When I am driving my motorbike, I notice not too many are within proximity to me. I am sure they are flashing their lights in an attempt to warn oncoming traffic to stay away from the “Bule!!!” She is chewing gum.

Here is a piece of trivia…did you know that 95% of all Indonesians wear jackets in 80 to 90-degree heat.  Indonesians believe that wind touching their body is not healthy and can make you sick. I have tried to wear a jacket while riding my bike and by the time I reach my destination I look like Bikram Yoginni and the only thing that got stretched was my temperature. I have never seen and Indonesian sweat. Hmmmmm maybe they have little pocket Air-Conditioning units in their jackets.







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