Mop Head Mamma

I bought myself a rain poncho two months ago when I was told the monsoon season would officially start. I have been prepared.
So far I have been able to dodge the rain. Until today when all of the sudden I felt sprinkles and then like an unexpected visitor tapping on more door that I refuse to answer… “The knock” became a rap which turned into someone beating my down door like some police raid on an innocent victim.
I look at others as they gracefully pass me by with their seemingly unabashed motor skills. Is this how you do it I ask myself? You put on your Superman/ woman cape/poncho and save your makeup?
Then I realize no one else is wearing one.
Well the hell with this I thought. I am putting mine on. I pull over at the first available parcel of uninterrupted space and whip out my cape. TA DA  I am ready to save my pride. As I get back on my bike I look behind me and I realize I created a fashion statement. Hey I will have you know though, I AM the hottest, mop head, momma on a moped you ever saw.
Oh and by the way if anyone tells you you need a pair of slickers so your feet don’t get wet doesn’t understand the law of gravity. When rain falls into an orifice…this too shall fill!

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