Coming Full Circle

I continue to be in awe and wonder at what the universe lines up for me. Why, I don’t know. One of Unity’s principles is “thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” I know, I know. But what transpires never looks like what I envision. But really, does anything ever look like what we envision? Ok, I will speak for myself since I am the only person I can speak for. It hasn’t so far.

Before I left for Indonesia I said that I want to expand what I do to include motivational and inspirational speaking and I also wanted to establish a blog.  Well up until now, writing has always been something I avoided because I felt that I wasn’t good enough to put pen to paper.  Guess what the Universe laid in my lap?… Uh huh, someone to challenge my fear of writing. Fathom that.

(Something you may not know about me is that one of the issues I hold dear to my heart is the protection of young girls being sold at a young age. Two years ago I sponsored two little girls one from Africa and one from India through Plan International. An organization that works to prevent such a fate.)

My required reading has challenged me in more ways than one.

I read…

Stolen; brilliant yellow blossoms, the sun’s reflections on the snow cap mountain, loving glances, trust, laughter, hopscotch, my mothers voice, baked bread, clucking hens…my childhood.

Sold; my dignity, my innocence, my body, my voice

I am only 13

Recollections; fragrant flowers, the stroke of my mother’s hand against my cheek, mud pies, sweet smell of mountain air…. Fading

I have been taunted by hope.

What remains; burning, aching, bleeding, pain

Tattered and torn; the memories of home

Endured;  being drugged, whipped, exposed, starved, violated

How old am I?

This is not my fate.

I have challenged my fear… I allowed myself to trust a stranger.


You don’t have to be sold or sell your belongings or move to another country.  I shared this with you for two reasons. 1) It was a way to release what I have been feeling and carrying with me. Sometimes, I feel, it is necessary to share and clear the way so that we can move forward and begin to see the larger picture. 2) To offer that if we don’t take a step to challenge our fears we will not know the taste of freedom.

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