Defecting From Tribal Ritual

I have have been given the opportunity to show up differently here in Indonesia. Defecting from my tribal ritual. I am referring to speaking, observing, eating…well, pretty much letting go of what I am accustomed to.
No matter where you travel, no matter what you do. One piece of wisdom I can pass along is this… go in with the mind set that you will experience everything all together differently. There is no turning back to collect what you left at home. As they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Walking into a situation will not grant you the same five senses you are accustomed to in your native country.
I had a craving for tacos the other day so I went to the grocery store and bought chicken, lettuce, salsa, taco seasoning and plain yogurt for my sour cream.
Have I mentioned I LOVE Mexican food. I get home and I was so stoked to have my taste buds tantalized. NOT! It tasted nothing like home.
I cannot explain the chips, taco seasoning, nor the yogurt. It was only a facsimile in looks, well sorta.
But you know if you go without for long enough and your taco substitute looks like a facsimile you just might be able to syke yourself into believing its Traditional Mexican food. Ok, Probably not:)