Who Am I?

Someone once asked me who would you be without all the labels you attach to yourself?  I thought about the labels I have used to identify who I am.  Mother, grandmother, grand-daughter, aunt, niece, sister, friend, partner, business owner, interpreter, health and nutrition coach, single, home owner, yoga instructor, woman, Caucasian, middle age, fit, spiritual and the list goes on. When looking at these labels I have asked myself if they still serve my soul and if not, why have I chosen to continue to use them.

This journey has opened me wide up. I currently live in a place where nothing resembles where I came from or what I called “home.” This time and space allows me to stand in the void and be open to the possibilities. Mixed emotions arise. Two have taken a prominent stand.  Scared and excited!

Who am I?

Some of me will proudly remain; a mother, a grandmother, a granddaughter, daughter, sister, kin, a human and the rest…well sometimes we have to let go of who we were to discover who we are.

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Trina, I am lucky to know you in more than one avenue/relationship. Friend, business partners, interpreter, and the fitness industry. To me this means we are inseperable because even if one of your avenues do not serve you anymore we are tied to eacother in another way:)

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