Don’t Worry Be Happy

On more than one occasion I had the opportunity to spend time with the Balinese locals.  I love their outlook on life.  They smile NO MATTER WHAT!  I know this to be true as the “Curious George” that I am, I had to inquire.

On two different occasions I witnessed the depth of this characteristic. One of my drivers was sharing the story of his father who recently died.  He had Parkinson’s. He said, my father was happy all the time no matter how he felt.  He said, my father would say I am so lucky I am just like Mahamud Ali. I said what an amazing teacher your father was. He smiled and nodded.

On another occasion one of the staff at my homestay came the second day and applogized for being late in greeting me.  I said, it is quite alright. He proceeded to share with me that he is sad because his father had fallen at home and hit his head. His father was taken to the hospital and he is not doing well.  The whole time he is sharing this with me he is smiling.  Without blinking an eye he says,  is there anything I can do for you miss?

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