Healing Waters

Bali presented a time for me to interact with the healing benefits of water.

I took a hike into the forest and followed a path that led to a water fall which was absolutely breath taking.  I happened to stumble upon three other individuals who thought to bring their swimming suits.  I on the other hand did not:) I am not one to do something, especially when it comes to water, without being prepared.  I had nothing to dry off with and no change of clothes. I had a tour guide for the day who was driving me around in his vehicle and I thought about myself being wet setting in his car.  Yes, I was making excuses as I have always done.

This time the water was truly calling me though.  I decided that I will not allow this opportunity to pass me by.

image image

It felt so freeing and liberating to let go of my own limitations. I wondered why I never opened myself up to this amazing experience before.

I finished my hike and the next stop was the Healing Waters Temple.  This temple is visited by many all over the world as it is said to have healing  properties.  It is used to bathe away ailments of the body and mind.  I again,  was drawn to the water.  I adorned myself with the required sarong before entering and emerged myself in the water.


I did receive the healing benefits of the water.  As I left the fears around water that no longer serve me.

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