In Awe of the Contrasts

I am officially on Holiday:)

Emotions ebb and flow like ocean waves since I have arrived in Indonesia. It seems that life’s contrasts are more evident.  It’s probably because I am in a different space.  I don’t know if they are any more pronounced here than I would find in the states. I believe I am more open to receiving them.

On my escorted drive from airport in Desapar, Bali to Ubud.  I asked the driver if we could please turn off the AC and roll down the windows.  My head was outside the car window  for almost the whole 1 1/2 drive breathing in the fresh air and fragrances of Bali. Oh fresh air, how my lungs have longed to hold you!

Outside my homestay I have a gentle reminder as to why I am here.


One thought on “In Awe of the Contrasts

  1. I checked out your link of Rumah Jepun in Ubud, since i’ve spent some time there & loved the place & thought maybe I’ll go back. From that link, I saw that the owner, JulieinBali, also had a blog so checked that out (very interesting lady), & from there saw that she had been interviewed by a woman who helps women reinvent their lives, so listened to that about how Julie ended up living her dream in Ubud, Bali (see, podcast #5). Made me think of you, Trina, as you are sort of, or maybe actually, reinventing your life too! Women who reinvent their lives are so fascinating!


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