The Sound of Music

I am standing outside my apt. and I heard this beautiful Indonesian music that seemed to be playing outside nearby.

I decided to tool around my neighborhood looking for it but I could not find it.        I drove back home and my neighbor (Emilia is outside)
Hey, I said, do you hear that? Yeah it’s a radio, she implored.  I said, no it’s live.
She volunteered to venture with me.
We discovered it was a wedding.
She said, ok let’s go.
There are times since I have been here that I have wanted to get up close at some event and she has always said, “no.” That’s personal.
The little “rule book” follower changed her mind this time.

I asked Emilia, what are we doing? She would not tell me.  She drug me down a gang way.  (It’s the width of a sidewalk and in cased by walls on either side.)
So when we rounded the corner the once empty lot had been transformed into a fairy land of magic and wonder.
We approached the guest table and she is communicating in Indonesian… What exactly, I have no idea. I am taking in all I can before we are booted out.
She said they want you to sign the guest book. What, I said?  she motioned to sign it. I signed it and then I was presented with a gift for the guests.
An aside… I am wearing shorts, a tshirt and sandals.

This lady out of no where comes and grabs my hand and escorts me to the bride and groom! The photographer gestures. Picture? I gasped… No! The bride Is nodding… No really!
I am gesturing NO REALLY! I look around… Where did Emilia go?
I notice she is talking to another member of the family.
She doesn’t know these people either! I have only known Emilia for two months now and this is not her normal behavior.
I am being led to the buffet table and everyone along the way is “Namasting”me!
I am “Namasting” back. I am trying to get EmilIa’s attention. Whew! She comes to my aid. I whispered, Emilia what are they saying? They want you to eat. EAT?
Seriously?  I am given a plate and led by my escort naming all the foods in Indonesian Bahasa( language).
I have absolutely no idea what I am being fed.

Have you seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” Remember when he is introduce to his fiance’s family and all of the sudden the whole family takes over and the two get separated in the brouhaha of absolutes chaos.?
That was exactly what was happening here!
After my plate was full I was escorted to a seat. I am looking for Emiila.
Oh good lord I am thinking is this amazing or what? Not only am I up close and personal with the sound of music. I have a front row seat with food to boot!
…and this is only the beginning.
Finally, Emilia joins me.
This is crazy, I whispered to Emilia!
I finally am down in a seat and not the center of attention and I look up and the professional singer on stage motions to me!
Emilia? Yeah, she said… they want you to go up on stage.

Have you ever seen me blushing?… I believe I found that facial hue in Indonesia!
Ok, Emilia… What’s the deal, I say? She said, your a Bule (white)! I said I don’t care if I am Ginger Rogers…. I am wearing shorts, t shirt and sandals!
The singer keeps motioning to me and now ALL eyes are back on me!
The motioning becomes beckoning and I am thinking to myself… all this just started with innocent curiosity! I just wanted to here the music.                                 I walk forward to the stage and climb up.  I am standing face to face with a woman who is now singing and gesturing to me to follow her.
So I begin to move my hips and try to emulate some Mudra, Indian, hand shapes.

Emilia I thought was taking a video although later I discovered she forgot to push the record button. Sorry chaps…your just going to have to visualize this one:)
Song over… Lots of laughs and applause I go sit back down.
My tour guide has asked me to eat up and keep eating. She says you come back later tonight after we take a break, Emilia translates. Different band, more music.
Emilia and I run home. She dresses me with the appropriate attire and we go back!
All the sudden according to everyone there I have become some Bule Goddess!
How does a skirt, a top and an hi-jab make me beautiful, I ask Emilia? The answer. I am white!
The morale of the story… Listen to the music. The “rhythm is gonna get you,” and you never know where it will take you!



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