A Celebration

My first Indonesian Birthday party.IMG_4507[1]

I felt very blessed to have been invited to share in the celebration of Dewi’s 19th birthday.

We shared a prayer blessing, we shared food and we shared laughs! My contribution was introducing the game of Charades. I think one of my absolute favorite things to share with someone is a laugh!

We had plenty of those.

The one thing we all have in common is that we watch movies.  That being said, we stayed with movie titles.  Their acting skills are much better than mine:)

See if you can guess this one. The answer is below the video clip.

Jurassic Park

3 thoughts on “A Celebration

  1. Hi Trina, I was talking with Kathy Dasta over the weekend and she told me about your big adventure and your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your time there. You go girl!! Blessings to you in your travels. With love, Sharon Jones

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