A Tailored Experience

Coming from America it’s hard to wrap my head around a day’s pay being so low!

An American friend of mine needed the curtains in her house hemmed.
She commenced to hire a man to come to her house and do just such a job.

On a side note…Did you know that a person who reaches the age of 60 here is no longer allowed to work for a business, corporation or a company? Yep, You are kaputt as a card carrying member of the middle class society! You are either to live with your children or find something else to earn some form of income.
It is not uncommon to see an individual with his trade strapped to his bicycle. For example: A welder, schlepping Acetylene tank and a torch; a tailor, whos’ sewing machine is mounted to the handle bars and his sewing kit strapped behind the seat.
I wanted to see for myself so I went out in search of this skilled craftsmen because my backpack was falling apart.
He did a better job than I would of ever done:) Take a look.

There are also individuals who are armored only with flip flops and an index finger brave enough to stand in harm’s way in the middle of an intersection subconsciously repeating a Hail Mary( oops maybe that was me) and face the barrage of impatient drivers in navigating you through the motorized insanity of oncoming traffic for a few, and I mean a few rupiah… .04-.20 cents.
Did I ever mention that the largest bank note here is equal to approximately $8.25? Yep, that is all she wrote!

So back to my story…
The tailor showed up at my friend’s house and carefully managed to hem all the curtains on his creatively crafted, dual purpose, two wheeled engineered mobile sweat factory. After he completed his work. My friend handed him $10.00.
What appeared to be a mere pittance, for ministering a full day’s work which in turn rendered a HUGE smile and deep gratitude.
He humbly revealed, “that is double my standard pay!”