Divine Intervention Called

The first day I met Emilia, my neighbor, she was burning leaves and debris on the street next to her house. I walk up to her and ask if I could take her picture. She said why. I said where I come from we can’t do that in the city. She sadly explained that an infestation of insects had destroyed her collection of English dictionaries and she had to burn all of them. She said, look I lost them all and they meant so much to me. I used them everyday.

Have you ever had an instant connection with someone you just knew they had good intentions and their soul was pure? The moment I met Emilia we connected.
Yesterday i was waiting for a Go Jeck driver. When he arrived I was putting on my helmet and left my phone on a stand near my apartment. There is a quite a bit of traffic on the street at the time of day. I did not realize I left my phone till I arrived at school.

Last night on my way home I was finally able to process through the feelings of loss. I thought about the convenience of having a phone. It easily connects me with those I love. It helped me locate places like a Dr., a grocery store and other information I needed. It helped me navigate my way home when I was lost. I cried most of the way home. I felt so disconnected.
Before I got to my apartment I stopped at Emilia’s because today I was suppose to take a day trip with her and I knew she had been trying to text me all day yesterday to plan a time to meet and I never responded to her.
It is difficult to visit someone at their house in Jakarta as most everyone has a chained gate so you cannot knock on their door to notify them you have arrived.
I yelled towards her house several times. No answer. I started walking home and several feet away I heard the gate rattle. She noticed I had been crying. She asked me what happened .. I explained. Oh Trina, I am so sorry about your phone. I thanked her for her support and I returned home. I was exhausted.
I laid down and could not sleep. A feeling washed over me that “all is well.” This phone will be returned to me. I had a deep feeling someone would be knocking at my door with my phone. I fell asleep around 1:30. At 2:30am…Devine Intervention is knocking on my door. I was so disoriented. I opened the door slowly and it was Emilia and my security guard. I said OMG its late what are you doing here. She said, Trina I could not sleep since you left. I called my son. I asked him to help me find your phone. I have called your phone several times. I also texted them and said, you are a good person, my friend is sad, please bring my friends phone back and she gave my address. The person called me back at 1:20 and again at 2:00. say hello, and they hang up on me. I said, it will only ring and not connect because I am out of mins. I went looking for your phone in the bushes along the street, she said. I was so emotional by this time. I barely know this woman. I thought. I am so blessed!
She said Trina, I think they are trying to contact you.
Her son then came over. He said, lets pull up “Find My phone app” on my Iphone and track your phone. I said , I have already tried calling and tracking my phone at school and a message pops up that reads “device is offline” I don’t think my ” location services” is turned on. We tried again. Then God appeared in the form of a green light. I was so excited!
I said, ok so this person has obviously hacked my phone if he is calling you. They both looked at me. I explained. They said, oh you mean “jail break.” I giggled.
We don’t know the situation, her son replied. To be safe let’s go to the police Dept. her son announced. If we wait, the battery may die and we may loose the tracking device.
It turns out the phone was picked up by some young man and he gave it to his relative.
When I got my phone nothing had changed. In fact, all new emails and messages had not been opened.
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