Verbal Disfluency

Umm, ha, huh, uh etc. These interjections have been used and abuse again and again by mwah when aiming to buy food, getting directions or looking for something etc.
When I have tried to utter Indonesian Bahasa it comes out as undecipherable. I know the correct pronunciation for the vowels. I have listened to a translator and have tried to mimic it. Oyi I suck at rolling my r’s. After my initial visual examination on my victim’s face I either want to cry, blush, run, but almost never do I want to smile or giggle with glee because I captured a smile from my dubious attempt at actually pronouncing the words correctly or mastered grammar in a single phrase. If this happens stand back because I have become unzipped!!!
Have you ever tried to learn a language and your clicking along and you think to yourself Eureka! I am ready to have a semi reasonable conversation with someone.
You have been taught by someone who speaks the language clearly and concisely and its been taught like this:
The …… store…. Is….. down….the….street. Insert the native and it comes out sounding something like this: Kxhfuejbrhdjfudjsksj, and the look on your face looks like you just swallowed a block of cheese!
I know practice makes the tongue roll smoother and this feeling of awkwardness and not being understood shall pass. OH Hallelujah!!! I can start enjoying what I am eating instead of choking it down:)